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Most items will ship to you from stock in the UK, usually by FedEx Priority. We can ship on your own FedEx, DHL or similar account if you prefer.


Typical Delivery Charges

Usually FedEx. Low cost meters by EMS.

Sound Level Meter $41 to $82
Complete Noise Kits $98
Outdoor Noise Kits $123 to $139
Noise Warning Signs $82
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Asia Pacific & Russia

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Sound Level Meters - Asia Pacific and Russia

NoiseMeters does not operate through distributors for sound level meters and noise dosimeters in most regions. Instead, we offer knowledgeable product support directly from our offices in the UK and from Australia, with the telephones manned 24 hours.

Sound Level Meters are very specialised products and we find it much better and certainly quicker to offer support directly.


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