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LiveNoise Software

All Included

The LiveNoise software and access to the cloud based noise reporter is all included with each LiveNoise Terminal. There is no additional charge for LiveNoise software, no annual license fee and there are no license or installation restrictions.

Software Distribution and Updates

When you buy a LiveNoise Noise Monitor you will be provided with a link to download the software. All our programs are efficiently packed and take only a few seconds to download. Updates are available free of charge for the lifetime of the program.

Which Software Do I Need?

To display real-time noise levels and alarms on a computer connected to your network, the Supervisor software is essential. It communicates with the noise monitors and downloads measurements. If you only need a real-time display of the sound levels and on-screen alarms when the noise levels are high, then you only need Supervisor.

On your network you will have just one copy of the Supervisor software, controlling all the noise monitors and storing measurements.

To produce noise reports from the measurements downloaded using Supervisor, you will also need the Reporter software. This software can be installed on different computers on your network, as long as they have access to the folder that the Supervisor software is storing measurements to.

Don't Want To Install Software?

If you prefer not to install any software, or if you want to access the noise measurements from anywhere in the world, you can use our Web Reporter. With this system the noise monitors automatically upload their measurements to our cloud server. You use your web browser to visit the web site and view your noise measurement reports.

Do you want the whole lot? That's fine, the noise monitors can work with Supervisor, Reporter and Web Reporter simultaneously. All three are included so you can choose which configuration you want.

Don't need software? That's also fine. The LiveNoise Modules have an HDMI output to connect to a monitor or TV. You can temporarily connect a standard USB keyboard to allow configuration of the noise monitor and then take the keyboard away to avoid tampering.