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Calibration Online Booking

Use this option to get an online quotation for your calibration, with the option to complete the booking.

Or call us on +44 130 677 0855 or email and we will make all the arrangements.

Working with NoiseMeters

Once you have a price for calibration, either through the online quotation or by direct contact, you just need to return the equipment to us - remember to include the Calibrator if you have one.

For most areas we can arrange for the equipment to be collected from you, so all you need to do is box it up and let us know it is ready.

Faults and Repairs

A free quotation will be provided for any faults found during the calibration process before the work is carried out. If you decide not to go ahead then there will be no charge.

sound level meter calibration lab

Sound Level Meter and Noise Dosimeter Calibration

Noise Meters can arrange for the service and calibration of Casella, Pulsar and Cirrus Sound Level Meters, Acoustic Calibrators and doseBadge Noise Dosimeters. It is advisable to have the calibration of noise monitoring equipment checked each year or as required by any regulations that your measurements follow. For more information please visit our Calibration Help page.

Calibration Checks - Noise Meter / Dosimeter

The better way to check the calibration of a noise meter or dosimeter is to first remove the microphone capsule, which is tested separately to the meter. Once the microphone has been tested the meter itself is tested electrically. The tests ensure that it meets the relevant standards, including the frequency responses (A, C, Z), time responses (fast, slow, impulse) and linearity of the meter.

Calibration Checks - Sound Level Calibrators

As well as having your sound level meter verified, many regulations state that you should also use a sound level calibrator (or acoustic calibrator) to check the general performance of the meter just before making important measurements. The calibrator emits an accurate and stable tone. It is placed over the microphone so that the user can check the meter's performance or, with the more advanced meters, it can check itself.

For more information, please visit our Sound Calibrators page.